Facebook, as many know, has established itself as one of the most desirable companies to work for. According to Glassdoor, Facebook was rated #1 for the best internship program. San Francisco Giant games, trips to San Francisco, buffets, dodge ball tournaments and free dry cleaning are only some of the amazing perks Facebook has to offer.  The campus headquarters (Menlo Park) is also decorated with coffee shops, an ice cream parlor, barbers and bike lanes. Its gets better, Glassdoor data has shown that Facebook interns are paid about $5600 per month and have access to corporate housing.

Facebook takes pride in providing a fun workplace for its interns. While some consider the workplace a college campus on steroids, interns work on real projects that make an impact and are treated like full-time employees. The internship program also provides a supportive environment and atmosphere enabling interns to excel. We had the opportunitiy to interview a former Financial Analyst intern named Nick, who worked at Facebook headquarters this past summer, to learn more about the internship program.

Nick worked within the Infrastructure team, and was exposed to many great things during the first few weeks of his 10-week summer internship. Facebooks gives its interns ownership and independence which fosters creativity and holds them accountable. “I was exposed to a lot of interesting things the first couple weeks as I figured out my role within my team.  The internship allowed me to work with each member of my team, so I was a part of a lot of different things and was able to work with people outside of Finance as well. People at Facebook are really talented, so naturally I learned a lot while being challenged every day.”

Everyone loves food, imagine being able to eat new buffet style meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner every day.  “Facebook has some of the best perks! The buffets are amazing, there are new food items daily and the campus even has a dedicated ice cream parlor.”


“The best part of the internship is being a part of such an open, impactful company. Facebook’s ambitions are truly inspiring and everyone is very passionate about what they do.” While Facebook offers great perks, even as an intern you are expected to deliver results. Interns grow not only professionally but personally, challenged in ways that help them find their true potential.

Interns are taken care of when they arrive and generally are partnered with another intern in corporate housing for the summer in one of Menlo Park’s surrounding cities. “The apartments are fully furnished. It was nice to know that everything would be taken care of once I got there and not deal with all the other stresses of moving to a city for just 3 months. They really care about their interns and want to the process to be easy and enjoyable, they definitely make the interns want to come back.” 


Interns enjoy a great life not only at work, but outside in their personal lives as well. “Facebooks hosts many fun activities, such as an ‘Intern Summerfest’. I got to go to a Giant’s game with other interns, the Santa Cruz boardwalk, Great America theme park and other great bonding experiences with other interns. It’s all the little things that make the experience at Facebook unmatched, and keep employees as happy as possible.”

One of Facebook goals to help connect the world, and in order to achieve this goal they have a very diverse group of employees from all backgrounds. “There are a lot of interns, with the vast majority being technical interns like software engineers. It was pretty exciting to be one of few the non-technical interns. I worked with people are from many different backgrounds and cultures, which gives you new perspectives and ways of thinking”


Working or interning at Facebook is very selective and competitive. Stay tuned for more articles on how you could increase your chances and possibly obtain an internship/full-time job at Facebook.

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