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MIS (Management Information Systems)- Baseline classes, marketing, MIS, supply chain, business law, management, my major classes are what got me going in technology today, I was interested in seeing how technology has changed society today.  Spring of sophomore year, the head of MIS department gave me really good suggestion, being a female in tech gives me advantage and good commutation skills. All the professors at Penn State are good, easy to talk with, show genuine interest and can give advice based on their own experiences. They have reformatted the program, renamed it and made it marketable and appealing to students. I didn’t really know what I was going into, but I saw an opportunity and decided to go for it.

How did you come across your Internship at JPMorgan?

I was in a business frat and an upper classman in my frat previously had this internship her junior year summer and she reached out to people in our business frat about JP Morgan recruiting events. So I went to an informal session hosted at Penn State, the recruiter sold me completely. After a great conversation I got his contact information and stayed in touch with him.  About a couple weeks later I sent him a follow up email, got in touch with head recruiter, they had closed up all the recruiting for the time being, so I stayed in contact with her, and she reached out to me later in the spring to interview for the Technology Analyst Internship program.

Can you describe the Interview Process?

 The first 2 interviews   were 30 minutes each. Both were over the phone, first 30 minutes was very behavioral, standard tell me about yourself question and other standard behavioral questions. He then he passed me on to the 2nd round of interviews which was just one in person 30-minute interview. This interview was very technical and I didn’t know some of answers to these technical questions. I expressed that I am a very fast learner and willing to learn about it about many new things. At the interview he thanked me for being honest rather then coming up with a BS answer and that honesty was good.   About 4 days later I heard back from them and currently had two other offers on the table from other companies.  I had a big decision make but my heart told me to take the JP Morgan offer.

I think they wanted to interview me because they are very people orientated, a very friendly company, hit it off with them in person, demonstrated good team values and showed my people skills. Additionally on my resume I had  good leadership  and work experience.

What advice do you have to someone seeking an Internship?

Do not be sacred to talk to people, and don’t be intimidated by established people. They don’t want to work with you if you have conversation, show your personality first, then show them everything you have to offer the company and make them want to work with you.

Do you have anything Negative?

It’s a massive company, and my team forced me to make meetings.  Additionally since it’s a large company I didn’t really get to see other parts of the business and felt like I was in a bubble. I also think they could do a better job of making it smaller and letting us now the other parts of the business.

Where do you think this internship take you in your career?

The great thing about JPMorgan Chase is the amount of opportunity that is offered within the firm. There are endless opportunities for internal mobilization with the multiple lines of business that we have. Employees can switch jobs every two years and never have the same job twice throughout their entire career. With this opportunity for mobilization, I find a huge opportunity for building my skills and experiences to form a platform, and then leveraging that platform to then work my way up the ladder. So I plan to take the experience that I gained from my internship into all other areas of the company

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