For many a hat is simply a hat, but for the Love Your Melon team a hat is the opportunity to help a child battling cancer. Love Your Melon is an apparel brand that originally followed a buy one get one model, providing children with cancer a special Love Your Melon hat.

 Catie Mets, Linfield College Nursing major, is the head of the Linfield Love Your Melon crew. She first heard about Love Your Melon from a friend at Cal Poly. She immediately began to research and discovered that college student ambassadors ran Love Your Melon. Catie quickly applied to bring Love Your Melon to Linfield College. Catie was particularly passionate about the Love Your Melon organization because of her career goals and the ability to help others. Catie was asked to share her passions and plans for the future elaborating on how Love Your Melon fit into her life.


          Love Your Melon accepted Catie’s application and she began to develop Linfield’s crew. Catie recruited Linfield students to manage the social media and events at both McMinnville and Portland campuses. Apart from building a Linfield crew, Catie is responsible for communicating with the Love Your Melon headquarters in Minnesota. She communicates via email and discusses strategy and provides updates on the Linfield crew’s progress. Catie acknowledges that heading the Linfield chapter of Love Your Melon is a time commitment, “Strategy is changing all the time, and so I have to keep in contact with them regularly. I email all day, working at least an hour a day.”

            The Love Your Melon foundation is responsible for contacting Randal Children hospitals and arranging donations. The Linfield team made a donation in October, providing 50 hats to children. Perhaps the most special aspect of the Love Your Melon foundation is the delivery of the hats, the Linfield team dressed up as super heroes delivering the hats. During delivery of the hats Catie is able to interact with the families and answer questions about the foundation. “It was really cool to speak with the family and it means so much to see the families, it was very rewarding. The kids are going through a lot, and it’s the little things that make their day that much better.”       


       Love Your Melon has personally impacted Catie; she believes that the experience will help her be a better nurse. “The donations have been amazing, on my 2nd donation trip to the hospital, I was able to sit back and watch, there was one specific family who was super excited and told me about how it made their day. Moments like that are the highlights of my experience.” 



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    Chris Beresford (+41) - over 4 years ago 0

    It's cool to see fellow Linfield students doing great things and being featured on here! Keep up the good work, Catie!

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