Why Stop By Career Services?

We all see it, we all ignore it, ah yes the world of Career Services and Development perhaps its time to take a peek in. What a lot of students don’t realize are the benefits of a quick pit stop by Career Services. Below are a few where I personally saw value add:

(1) Résumé Development
I’m often quick to nickname the office Hogwarts given the magic some of those wizards are able to work on résumés. Not only will they show you best practice when it comes to format and structure, but they will also help you rephrase a lot of your key points to showcase the most impact possible. Some of the best résumés I’ve seen to date captured all the communication and leadership skills captured during a summer job like lifeguarding or bagging groceries. It’s all in how you frame it regardless of the content or caliber of the job.

(2) Career Fair Information
Everything from your 30-second pitch to how to dress, these guys will help you target the companies of your interest based on varying factors including industry, size, and location. Different colleges at a university may be holding career fairs (ex. business, IT, engineering, etc). Within these colleges, different majors may be holding career fairs as well (Finance, Accounting, Supply Chain). It’s important to mark your calendars for any you find interesting or meet the prerequisites for.

(3) Interview Preparation
Schedule time for a mock interview with someone from the office where they can take you through the types of questions a specific company might ask you (most have a log from past students with all the questions they were asked). This will help you get rid of all the nerves, perfect certain situational and behavioral question responses, and pretty much give you a one leg up on the competition.

(4) Exclusive Networking
This is probably the least publicized but arguably the most beneficial service your office may offer. Everyone working in that office has one job – networking. They’ve spent their entire careers forming bonds and relationships with other recruiters from companies all across the world. With this in mind – a lot of these companies may not be able to attend a career fair, however it is very possible that they will search have job postings and be actively searching. Often, something as simple as a recommendation from someone in Career Services along with your submission can push your résumé through the process and help you lock down the interview very quickly! Why would a recruiter waste time on random résumés when they have someone they know and trust pushing yours through already?


While the list goes on of all the benefits Career Services can offer you at your school, none of them will ever happen until you make the effort. That being said, schedule an appointment or do a walk-in. The reality is that most of these offices at any campus won’t exactly be the most poppin’ place to be or get that much buzz (especially when outside of recruiting season). Use this to your advantage!

Familiarize yourself with the students and staff working there. They will associate your efforts and face with good candidacy and be more likely to push your name through to their contacts, write you letters of recommendation, and legitimately do their best to help you in all ways possible – after all it is their job and what they are there for. The better of a relationship you are able to form with them, the more likely they will be to put in that effort for you when it counts most. 

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