An Internship at Webs 


How did you come across your internship at Webs?

I never actually applied to Webs. One of the recruiters from Webs looked through Careers4Terps, which is the career portal for University of Maryland (UMD), and thought that my resume was impressive. While I was an Economics major at UMD, the position I was being considered for was a Marketing Analyst internship.

My first interview was set up as a phone call interview by my recruiter. What the recruiter liked about my resume was that when he looked at the “Skills” section, there were a lot of analyst-appropriate hard skills. As a Marketing Analyst, you need skills like Google Analytics, Excel, and SQL. These are the tools that contribute to conducting the meaningful, successful analyses and recommendations for day-to-day marketing activities. My first interview was actually just a behavioral interview with standard behavioral questions. What I learned from that interview is that its not your major they are looking it, but rather on how you apply yourself in what you do. If students have a lot of opportunities to create projects for themselves, or just do projects pertaining to their field of interest in general, then answering behavioral questions become much easier.

In my second interview, I was assessed on my thinking and analytical abilities. During my second interview, I was asked to prioritize marketing projects, based on the assumptions that the hiring manger provided me about the company’s processes. I was asked to provide a solution based on a real life test that was running on the companies website. Something that I noticed from both my final round interviews from Webs, and Amazon, is that the hiring manager is really looking for the potential candidate to thoroughly explain their thinking process to see how they came to their conclusion. They’re testing potential candidates to challenge their thinking processes, not necessarily what conclusions that they come to. It’s more about coming to a conclusion with a thinking process that makes sense. I was able to demonstrate that, and I believe that is what they liked about me.

Describe your role.

I was a Marketing Analyst at Webs. My responsibilities can be broken down into 3 segments: analytic reporting, statistical testing, and SEO management. Analytics reporting was based on the responsibility of KPI (Key Performance Indictors) reporting, which required the development of Excel and SQL proficiency. This way, I could report metrics that the marketing team found relevant to making key marketing decisions. Statistical testing refers to using A/B tests with different cohorts of population who visited our website, and seeing which test resulted in a better digital product that we potentially could offer our customers. The final responsibility of SEO management was a project, where we had to find the most optimal way of maintaining in the Google search index. These three responsibilities in the internship helped in developing a Marketing Analyst background for anybody who wants to go into that career field.

If you had to give advice seeking a position, what would you say?

A lot of the internship hunting process depends on what your field is. I  have found education helps in broadening a student’s thinking capacity as opposed to train you in how to actually do the job. The working world has companies who have different structures altogether. What students must understand is that companies know that what students are learning in school cannot be applied, because a lot of the accumulated knowledge is in theoretical thinking. However, theoretical thinking helps students think in different ways, and therefore, contribute to the company in a unique way. So, when it comes to you major, depending on the students’ field of interest, they should not be worried about what they think they want to do, and if they think they will be prepared for the internship opportunities ahead of them. My advice for students is to partake in learning and have a bias for action. Not only challenge yourself, but also challenge people who will make a difference in helping you reach your career goals.  

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